Marketing Your Law Practice

We live in a “Give it to me now!” world.  We expect instant results.  We want our burger and fries ready when we pull up to the window.  If a web page takes longer to load than it takes us to blink, we complain about how slow our connection is.  We want two-day shipping, or better yet, overnight shipping.  The ability to get everything right now, or as soon as possible, has not done us any favors when it comes to dealing with things that take time.  We’re not used to waiting.  We want everything now.

As with all things that are of enduring value, marketing takes time to work.  You cannot speed up the process.  You can only keep at it until it eventually pays off.  As an attorney, you should be better suited than most to wait.  The legal system is anything but “On-Demand.”  You know the legal process is going to take time, and the best thing you can do is be ready when it’s your turn.  You have to put in the time required to accomplish a task and then you need to be patient while you’re waiting for the result.  Marketing a law practice is the same way.  You put in hours of work, pay for the marketing and advertising, and wait.

The process of marketing is a lesson in delayed gratification.  Before you can expect a favorable result, you need to invest a sufficient amount of time, effort, and money before you can expect to attract new high quality clients.  It’s essential to market yourself in a way that is guaranteed to get results.  This means knowing who your ideal client is and documenting the results of your efforts. It also means analyzing what works and what doesn’t work, and being able to adjust as you acquire new data.  Marketing is a process that requires patience and perseverance.

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