William Hammond
Attorney At Law
Overland Park, KS
“Through the years I have relied on Harry for advice on how to grow my law firm... how to get more and better-paying clients, and how to take care of the business as it comes in. Harry is that rare breed among attorneys... he not only knows how to get the prospects in the door, but he also knows how to convert them to paying clients.”
Mace Yampolsky
Attorney At Law
Las Vegas, NV
“Harry has the unique ability to take marketing ideas and concepts from other industries and use them to attract clients to any type of law practice. His advice and guidance have been instrumental in helping me grow my practice, which has resulted in a substantial increase in my annual net income. If you work with Harry, he will open up a whole new world for you.”
Ben Matthews
Attorney At Law
Columbia, SC
“My partner and I wanted to be sure we got a good return on our investment. I have to tell you we’ve been extraordinarily pleased. We were just starting a brand new bankruptcy practice, so we wanted to make sure we targeted well. Law Firm Profit Systems has allowed us to target very well and to get quality clients, easily paying for the expense…. We took in several clients the first month.”